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Be Grateful For Everything

I have been #MIA on my blog for a month now. In my last blog, I shared that we just moved into our new home. It was a restless couple of weeks for us, especially for me, because I had to deal with five children (two boys and three dogs), while Sean is working. Many times, I felt like pulling my hair off while continuing unboxing our stuff. Who doesn’t feel like doing it when you are doing a lot, and you are super tired? Well, I survived every day without pulling my hair off, and I’m grateful for it.

Three weeks later, after we moved into our new home, Sean and I tied the knot! And because of the #pandemic, we decided to have a quick wedding ceremony with only a few family members and Sean’s best friend, but it was beautiful with a little bit of comedy (my little one decided to use the restroom during the ceremony, so we had to wait for him. Lol! It was a beautiful day – a very special day, indeed!

We are living in this beautiful home for a month and a couple of days now. Wow, time flies! It feels like we just moved in here a few days ago. Peaceful area. Friendly neighbors. We are witnessing the sunsets right from our living room. Fresh air and seeing deers in the backyard too! This place is perfect. This house is ours and our forever home! So grateful for everything God has given us. Thankful for the challenges, and so grateful for the blessings as well ♥♥♥.

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#Gifted: Thoughtful Gifts From A Very Special Friend

Since we moved into our new home two weeks ago, I finally got the chance to open and take pictures of the gifts given to me by an exceptional and dear friend of mine, ate (pronounced as “Ah-teh” meaning “older sister, or an older female friend), Myna. She is one of my dearest friends in Louisiana. She’s not only a dear friend, but she is also a big sister figure to me. Not only beautiful inside and out. She is also thoughtful, funny, and a giver. Everybody that knows her loves her ♥♥♥. I’m so blessed to know her and had the chance to work with her. Such a good role model and has a big heart ♥, and I miss her already!

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Hi friends, how are you doing and how was your day? I hope you had a great one. My Tuesday was typically tiring. I just finished unpacking all boxes in the living room and kitchen areas. Thank God! The master bedroom is getting straightened a little. Sean and I were able to hang clothes in our closets. I let him do his stuff since I couldn’t reach to hang his clothes in his closet anyway. Shhhhhhhh, it’s too high for my ‘4-11’ height, lol.

I had to take a break at 11:00 and cooked some Menudo. (Menudo, by the way, is a popular Filipino dish. Every Filipino loves Menudo). My boys don’t eat Filipino food so much, so I had to sit and watched them while eating. Well, today was one of those miraculous days for me. My boys ate Rice and Menudo, and they had happy plates after eating. Oh yeah, I’m a happy mom today. I mean, I’m tired, but I’m also pleased and so proud of them.

My boys’ happy plates.

At 2:00 pm, while the boys were napping, I started unpacking a few boxes entirely for my photography studio down in the basement. I can’t wait for this unpacking thing to be over. However, I don’t want to rush everything (unpacking boxes and decorating the house); I would like to take time when it comes to decorating because I want the house decors exactly where I want them to be. So, yeah, that’s about all for today, and of course, cooked dinner, put the boys to sleep at 8:30. Lastly, clean the kitchen.

Watching the sun sets from our upper deck at 7:30 pm





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First Week In Our New Place

Yay, we finally moved into our new home! And it will be our first week tomorrow since we moved in. I’m sure you know moving is not an easy thing. It’s very stressful and very tiring. Right now, we are trying to regain our strength back. Me, personally? I haven’t had a nap for three weeks now, and I feel drained! I told Sean, I don’t want to rush unpacking all the boxes and decorate the house because there’s no need to rush. Since we are here already, we need to take it slow and to give our body time to recover and regain strength. Well, my body is telling me I’m tired, and yes, I am! I lost three pounds just from packing things alone. I am a petite, skinny woman, and losing three pounds is not good news for me because I don’t want to look thinner than I already am.

Anyways, we are so grateful to all our friends and family members who helped us. We couldn’t have done it without them.♥♥♥ I’m so thankful to God for the help He sent. Glory and honor back to Him.

Watching the sun sets from our living room. ♥♥♥

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Moving To A New Home

Few more days and we are moving to this beautiful home. Thank you, Lord! Of all the house listings we checked, this is the only home that Sean and I both admired so much. We both fell in love to this house since the very first time we found this house online. And usually, when you’re viewing good house photos online, they doesn’t always look the same when you see it in person. When we checked this house for the first time, we were shocked! It’s more beautiful than we expected. We are so grateful we found this beautiful home. To God be the glory!

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In this world of chaos, we are right now; I firmly believe that there is always something good every single day. There’s still love, hope, faith, kindness, forgiveness, and a helping hand within us. The situation that we are dealing with right now in our everyday lives, we are all in this together.

With this Coronavirus or #Covid19 going on around us, this is not the proper time for pointing fingers and blaming people to the point that we have forgotten to come together in prayer. So many who are not at the frontlines, and non-essential workers refused to cooperate and stay at home. Some people think that staying at home is a kind of joke. But the good thing about following the “Stay At Home” order is that you now have quality time with your family that you probably didn’t have before this happened. It’s like a brand new start for everyone and every family.

Let’s pray for each other. Let’s pray for our country and for the entire world. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

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Hi friends, how are you doing? I hope you are all doing great. Happy Easter to you all! We canceled our Easter egg hunting due to the weather we had today. We had severe weather today – Sunday (April 12, 2020). Storms hit in Ouachita Parish (where we live), causing damages in the area. So thankful to God, we are okay. I’m praying for those who are affected, those who lost their homes to stay strong, positive, and healthy.

You can see the damages across Ouachita Parish here. That severe weather damages hundreds of homes. You can view it here.

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Equate: Over-The-Counter Allergy Pill That Works For me

The Spring season is also allergy season. Every Springtime, I always suffer from allergies, sneezing, itchy eyes, and nose—one of the reasons why I don’t like Springtime. I can’t go out even in my backyard without taking an allergy pill first. Sometimes I forget to take it, and sometimes I chose not to take it. The result of that is frustrating. I keep on reminding myself to take it and be able to at least go outside the house without being too frustrated with sneezing, etc.

By the way, I am using an over-the-counter allergy med called Equate. But the thing is, I could only take half of the pill. Even half of the tablet works for me. It helps me a lot! It helps me not to sneeze, not having watery and itchy eyes and nose. But when I do take one whole tablet, it will knock me to sleep. Seriously, my body is weird! The half capsule works well for me and helps me with my allergies. So, I am not looking for another allergy med.

How about you? Are you having allergy problems every Springtime? And what over-the-counter allergy med are you using?

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We are moving out of state soon. Yes, I have mixed emotions. I am so excited that Sean and I are finally settling down and be in our dream home with the boys. I am also sad to leave my really-really good friends here in Louisiana, who are my family and so dear to me. I’m so thankful to have found beautiful people who believe in me and the best in me. I will cherish them and their friendships as long as I live.

A brand new start in a new place is making me feel quite nervous; however, it is the right time to start a new beginning. I am so happy to start this new journey with Sean and the boys.♥♥♥

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REVIEW: SHEIN Tie Neck Self Belted Raglan Sleeve Pleated Dress

This dress looks expensive, but what if I told you I got this for under fifteen bucks! Do you think I’m kidding? Of course not!

The fabric is a little see-through. Just wear a slip under and it’s all good!

I ordered the XS size, and it’s a bit too big. So if you are wearing a size medium, you might want to get the XS or the Small size.