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Review: Wet N Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners + Swatch

I’m getting obsessed with wet n wild gel lip liners lately. So today, I’m sharing three colors that I love wearing anytime. Among these three colors, my most favorite is the Gone Burgundy.

My Three Fave Colors So Far:

  • Never Petal Down (654C)
  • Gone Burgundy (652C)
  • I Got The Juice (663D)

About The Packaging:

  • I love the packaging. It’s really cute!


I really love the texture. It’s creamy and soft and it applies easily on the lips.

What I Love About These Lip Liners:

  • It holds up almost all day.
  • It gives my lips a pout perfection.
  • It makes my lips look softer.
  • Creamy and has a flawless result.
  • Very pigmented.

What I don’t Like About These Lip Liners:

  • To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything.

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I had to stepped outside the house when taking a photo of this swatch above.
Wearing the Gone Burgundy.
Wearing the Never Petal Down.
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  • Isononyl Isononanoate
  • Ethylhexyl Palmitate
  • Polyethylene
  • Ozokerite
  • Microcrystalline
  • Paraffin
  • Polyglyceryl-2
  • Triisostearate
  • Glycol Montanate
  • Isodecyl
  • Neopentanoate
  • Synthetic Wax
  • Triethoxycaprylylsilane
  • Polyhydroxystearic Acid
  • Titanium Dioxide/CI 77891
  • Iron Oxides/CI 77491
  • CI 77492
  • CI 77499
  • Red 7 Lake/CI 15850
  • Red 40 Lake/CI 16035
  • Yellow 5/CI 19140
  • Blue 1 Lake/CI 42090

Should I Recommend This Product?

Definitely, Yes!





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Meeting Baby Gwyneth For The Second Time

Went to visit a very dear friend of mine who recently had a baby girl. I and my other two dear friends had the chance to hold baby Gwyneth. Isn’t her name so lovely? This little angel is four (4) days old today. Oh, she is so adorable!

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May God bless you with good health always, little angel.

Baby Gwyneth
Mommy & me time.

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Gwyneth & Nanay Odette
Sing me a lullaby, please?

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Gwyneth & Tita Melanie
It’s lullaby time again.

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Gwyneth and me.
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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts From My Family

I know this post about Mother’s Day is a little late but that doesn’t bother me because for me every day is Mother’s day. By the way, before I go ahead I just hope all moms had the best Mother’s day.

I had a really wonderful Mother’s Day. I didn’t expect anything from my family, in fact, on that day I totally forgot that it was Mother’s day. I was fixing coffee that morning while attending my little boys eating breakfast. About thirty (30) minutes later, Sean woke up and he was being so sneaky. He called the boys and then they called me. Seriously, I just realized that they got me something and that explained all the sneakiness around the house the day before Mother’s Day, hahaha!!

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When I opened the gift bag they gave me I was like……..YES!!, Everything that was in there was the stuff that I saw and really liked at The Spice & Tea Exchange store a few days before Mother’s day. Hmmm, someone was being really sneaky. Anyway, I love them! My boys were more excited for me to finish reading the message on the card so they can have it and play with it. They found those chipmunks in the card really entertaining. Oh, kiddos!

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The Spice & Tea Exchange of West Monroe is located
229 Trenton St, West Monroe, LA 71291

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HatCountry shop now!

My newest designs for Zazzle’s ZIPZ high-top sneakers

Include Soles: High Top Shoes

Step out of the box in a pair of unique custom sneakers! Each pair of custom High Top ZIPZ® shoes is designed so you can change your style as often as you’d like to match any mood, occasion, or outfit. A fresh look at sneakers, ZIPZ® shoes give you a one-of-a-kind way to express yourself!

  • Unisex sizing: 4-13 Men’s | 6-15 Women’s
  • Material: Durable canvas tops, rubber soles
  • Buy multiple pairs! ZIPZ® shoes are interchangeable! The top cover can be zipped on and off so you can easily switch up your style on the go
  • Rubber soles are manufactured with extra cushioned insoles and a specially designed arch support system to give your feet a comfortable and healthy fit
  • Quality you can trust: ZIPZ® has been independently tested by SATRA for wear, use, and durability
  • Printing on shoe tongue design area available for an additional charge
Fusion Belts

Evening Whisper High-Top Sneakers

Red Poppies High-Top Sneakers

Abstract Red Bubbles High-Top Sneakers

Shop the latest trends from Topman at NORDSTROM.

Feather High-Top Sneakers

Julia Purple High-Top Sneakers

Julia Blue High-Top Sneakers

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Hello everyone! How’s your day? I hope you had a wonderful day. Today, I am going to share my new favorite eyeshadow palette. Lucky me, it was on sale when I got it. When I received it, the first thing that came to my head was “I don’t want to ruin this pretty thing”. What I meant was, I hesitated using it because it’s too pretty and I want it to stay untouched. However, we-ladies (or anybody who loves makeup) know that’s not going to happen. I tried it for the very first time and to be honest, for the price, it did not disappoint me.


It has such good colors. My Favorite colors so far are Spice and Blackberry. These two colors go really well with my skin tone.


It has a soft, powdery texture and it blends seamlessly.

What I Don’t Like

  1. The first thing I don’t like about this palette is the pans. They are smaller than I thought.
  2. The shimmers don’t stay on my eyelid.
  3. Not enough pigmentation.

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Check out my first look below using this palette.

Lorac Eyeshadow Swatches
Four (4) colors I picked for this look.

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My New Faves For This Week

Hi everyone, how’s your Friday so far? I hope you are doing well! Mother’s day is Sunday. To all moms including myself, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO US! I’m a mom of two little boys and they are my precious gifts from God. They are the reason why I stayed strong despite all the motherhood trials. I’m so grateful to God for having them in my life.

Anyway, for this post I would like to share three of my new favorites for this week.

First: The Ramona hat in camel and grey from Vence&Co.

Second: The BP. – Mandy Ruffle Loafer Mule from Nordstromrack ( currently sold out!).

Third: LORAC-Mega Pro 4 Eyeshadow Palette also from Nordstromrack.

Shop the latest summer dresses, swimsuits and more from Topshop at NORDSTROM.

Shop the latest summer dresses, swimsuits and more from Topshop at NORDSTROM.

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BP-Mandy Ruffle Loafer & LORAC MEGA 4 PRO
Four Eyeshadow Pallete
I’m going to create a pro look with this pallete soonish. I’m excited!😍
Chic Look Of The Week.
Luckily they have my size. I love it!
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A Kid’s Imagination Is Amazing!

I have been missing in action (MIA) for days in my blog. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s just that I’m feeling so drained and feeling so sleepy all day – every single day. Isn’t that weird? I have so many things on my head to blog about, but I couldn’t focus on which one I’m going to write about first.

While I’m sitting in front of my computer at this very moment this one thing in my head popped to the front of the thoughts. This is about my youngest son. He is only 7-years-old. Like his big brother, he was a premature baby as well. We didn’t know I was pregnant with him until I was three months pregnant. However, the day before I found out that I was pregnant we went to church. Our Pastor’s wife called my name out and I went forward towards her to join her where she was standing. In front of the congregation, she shared her vision about a little boy that looked exactly like my eldest son. That little boy in her vision was about to fall off of a cliff. Thank God she was able to hold his hand and saved him. At that time the church prayed over me and my eldest son (who was only 2.5 years old that time). We all prayed for his protection and health. We asked God to cover my son with His mighty hands.

Choose a FREE 6-piece Clarins gift with your $65 purchase, now at NORDSTROM.

A couple of days had passed. While I was at work, it was between three and four in the afternoon when I had difficulty breathing. I felt nauseous and weak. I called my boss and asked her permission if I could go home. Fast forward, I went to see my doctor. Unfortunately, she was out of town, but fortunately, there was a nurse practitioner available at that time, thank God! After all the necessary check-ups were done, she revealed that I am three (3) months pregnant and I was at risk of losing my baby that day. From the Women’s Clinic, I was checked in to the hospital right away.

It was a crazy day! It’s like I was just at work but with one blink of an eye I was at the hospital; was put on complete bed rest. The craziest part, I was only three months pregnant and we (me and my family) just found that out. Crazy things happened throughout my pregnancy with my second and also youngest child. I can tell you this, God never left me nor forsake me throughout the whole pregnancy thing. Not only was God was with me but to my entire family as well.

My youngest child with his treasure chest. USA, LLC

Fast forward to this week being full of surprises. All of a sudden, my youngest child decided to play with his treasure chest (Actually mine but he now claims it as his – haha). I’m not sure how long that box has been sitting in his room. It’s been a couple of days now that he has been carrying it around non-stop. He brought it with us to church yesterday. Inside the box is his alarm clock. We had a conversation yesterday before we went to church. This is how it went:

Me: What is that?

Him: My treasure box, mommy.

Me: Where are you taking that treasure chest? You can leave that here because we are going to church.

Him: No, mommy! I need this.

Me: What for? and what’s inside it?

Him : It’s my alarm clock. I will bring this with me and I’m getting ready.

Me: Getting ready for what?

Him : I will go to New Orleans with my treasure chest.

He has been to New Orleans for the very first time a couple of weeks ago and now he is thinking about that big city. He is loving New Orleans. By the way, our conversation didn’t end there. I asked him questions after that.

Me: Why do you wan’t to go back to New Orleans?

Him: Because it’s fun!

Me: What do you like about New Orleans:

Him: It’s big and so many tall buildings.

Me: Oh, okay. You love those tall buildings, huh?

Him: Yes!

After that, we stepped out of the house to Sean’s truck to go to church. While inside the truck, out of the blue he asked me something totally unexpected. USA, LLC

My son and his treasure box.
He loves his treasure chest.

Him: Mommy

Me: Yes, Phillip.

Him: Mommy, can we go to New York in July?

Me: (Shocked) Hmmmmm, huh? Say it again?

Him: Can we go to New York in July?

Me: Why do you wan’t to go to New York?

Him: I wan’t to see New York, New York.

Me: Wow, that’s very big city!

Him: I wan’t to see the tall buildings in New York.

Also, he asked Sean about it too as soon as Sean got inside the truck. I was totally caught off guard. I didn’t even know how to answer him. I don’t want to say something that could ruin his imagination about going to those places. It’s really amazing how a child imagines things, I mean big things!

Well, this morning, I thought he was done thinking about the cities I mentioned above. I was wrong, he wasn’t done yet. When I told him and his big brother to grab their backpacks and get ready for school. the youngest one put something inside his backpack. I was so curious so I checked his backpack. When I opened it, I saw his treasure chest with his alarm clock inside it. He also has a ball in his backpack. I asked him these:

Me: Why are these things inside your backpack?

Him: I’ll take that with me, mommy. I’m going somewhere.

Me: Yeah, you have a school field trip today.

Him: No, mommy, I’m going to Tampa, Florida.

Me: Oh wow! That’s a beautiful place. Why do you wan’t to go there?

Him: Because it’s warm.

I was really ready to crack up, but I tried my best not to. Hey, I do imagine being in different places sometimes. The difference is, as an adult I know I’m imagining. But to a child imagining like that, it’s a whole new world. A child imagines great things and it’s amazing how serious it is to a child.

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15% Off Sitewide

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Cheniere Lake Bayou Sceneries

I love capturing portrait and family photos but I’m a nature photographer at heart. Capturing nature photos, such as bayous, is very soothing for me. I call it my stress reliever. What is your stress reliever?

A few days ago I visited two bayous in my local area and I was surprised by what I saw. Both areas are supposed to have docks. However, that day I couldn’t see the docks. The water was so high that the docks were totally underwater. We had severe thunderstorms the day prior to my visiting the different bayous. Sadly, Ruston, our neighboring city, was hit by a tornado that spawned from the same storm that hit our city. That tornado took two lives – a mother and her son. Ruston is still recovering and needs our prayers.

Anyway, it was a bright and windy afternoon. I’m glad the humidity wasn’t bad at all. I was able to stay a little longer and enjoyed my time there. Below, are just a few bayou photos I took. I’m not done working on it but I thought I would share to you.

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Art Prints

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Art Prints






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My U.S. Naturalization Oath Taking Ceremony

Last Friday was my U.S. Naturalization Oath Taking ceremony in New Orleans. It’s a five (5) hours drive from my town. We left Thursday after I picked up my boys at school. We arrived in New Orleans a little after 9 p.m. Checked in late at the hotel we stayed in for the night. The hotel we stayed at is called Brent House Hotel. This hotel is attached to Ochsner Medical Center located on Jefferson Highway near Uptown New Orleans. From the hotel, it was only a 15-minute drive to where my Oath Taking ceremony took place.

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Shower Necessities


We arrived at the USCIS facility before nine (9) in the morning. The ceremony started a little after ten (10) and was over at about twelve (12) noon. I wasn’t sure how the other applicants felt that day but I was a little emotional. After I applied, I waited eleven (11) months for this very special day. After living in the USA for a decade, who wouldn’t get emotional?


Now it’s time to celebrate! My boys are so ready to explore around New Orleans. They are loving this busy city so far.