Daisy Our Star-Spangled Pup

Daisy Our Star-Spangled Pup

March 12, 2019 0 By Ester

Went to PetSmart in Monroe last week to look for something sweet for our Daisy. It was my first time at a pet store ever because it is the first time for me to be a dog mom. Looking around the store and checking out cute stuff for dogs make me want to spoil Daisy more. After spending about an hour, I finally, saw this cute dog shirt. On the back of this dog shirt, it says “Star – Spangled Pup.” Isn’t that cute? So, we bought her the shirt.

When we got home, I wasn’t sure if she will even like to wear a dog shirt. While I tried to put the shirt on her, she was a little hesitant. After successfully putting her new dog shirt on, guess what? She instantly loved it! I was so surprised but at the same time, I’m so glad our fur baby loves her shirt.

After a couple of days, I tried to take her shirt off to give her a bath. She was all over me and tried her best to get her shirt back. I thought that was the cutest stunt she ever did. I let her have her shirt back. She was sitting on the floor with her shirt on her mouth. Then she dropped it on the floor, and the most hilarious and cutest thing she did was when she tried to put it on herself. I was literally laughing out loud. After a few minutes, I picked it up and put it back on her. I think wearing a shirt helps her feel safer. I think it’s time to get another shirt for replacement whenever I need to wash her favorite shirt.

One of Daisy’s photo HOWLING won “Top Choice Award” on ViewBug in February 2019.