Do Not Worry Be Happy

Do Not Worry Be Happy

February 11, 2019 0 By Ester

We often hear these words from families, friends, or at the church. But do we apply these words in our daily lives? To be honest, I am constantly worrying about so many things – myself, my children’s future, my family and tomorrow. A week ago, I couldn’t sleep well. Every time I closed my eyes I see hundreds of images flashing very fast. I couldn’t even focus on which image to look at. Not just images, I’ve also been hearing hundreds of voices talking in my head and I don’t know which one to listen to. That impacted my sleep for a week.  

 Last Sunday at the church I was so grateful that I stood up and had our Pastor Gerald, Brother Micky and his wife, ate Nelda and the whole congregation pray for me. Thank God! The following day I slept really well; was able to nap while my sons were at school. I actually woke up and caught myself drooling. I can say I had the best sleep that night for that entire week after that day at our Church – The Father’s House Worship Center.

Sometimes, we do overthink too much without recognizing it. So many times, we don’t want anyone to tell us this and tell us that. We want to do everything that we think is right; we want to help everyone that we know that needs our help. The sad news is we can’t help everybody at once. When you’re in that situation when you think you failed everyone, anxiety kicks in. When anxiety and stress kick in, they kick in hard until you feel like you’re going insane. Don’t roll your eyes because this is very true!

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I have OCD so when I start worrying, I repeatedly check things as many times as you can imagine. I feel uneasy and overly concerned about everything and so sensitive with my environment. Most of the time, I’d rather stay home because when I’m somewhere and I’m in that mode, I don’t have an interest in anything, and I don’t have any appetite. How about you? Are you an excessive worrier? How does worrying affects your daily life?


In Wikipedia it says:
There are various types of anxiety. Existential anxiety can occur when a person faces angst, an existential crisis, or nihilistic feelings. People can also face mathematical anxietysomatic anxietystage fright, or test anxietySocial anxiety and stranger anxiety are caused when people are apprehensive around strangers or other people in general. Stress hormones released in an anxious state have an impact on bowel function and can manifest physical symptoms that may contribute to or exacerbate IBS. Anxiety is often experienced by those who have an OCD and is an acute presence in panic disorder.

I was reading at about HOW WORRYING AFFECTS THE BODY

And this is very true here saying ” Excessive worry or ongoing fear or anxiety is harmful when it becomes so irrational that you can’t focus on reality or think clearly. People with high anxiety have difficulty shaking their worries. When that happens, they may experience actual physical symptoms”.

I don’t want to constantly worry about things because I want to see my children grow up. I want to see them succeed. I want to be there for them. Been praying to God asking Him to take all these worries away. After that Sunday until now, I really sleep well. PRAISE GOD! If you find yourself in the same situation, don’t be scared. Don’t hide it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to someone and be open about what bothers you. Mostly, we just keep things to ourselves because we are scared to be judged by the people we knew. We don’t want them to look at us as pitiful. That’s actually the ego that’s stopping us from getting the help we need emotionally.

I hope this helps a little. My Pastor asked me yesterday while at the church if was I able to sleep. I said YES and thanked him. Most of all thank God because He is my Healer!