I’m So Gaga Over Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

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Hello everybody! How is your Monday so far? My Monday is a little busy, you know, the #momlife” thingy? But momlife is fun though. Well today, I can’t get rid of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s faces off my brain. I’m going gaga over these two. Have you seen The Oscars last night? These two are the hottest pair of the night. I know that their performance involved acting and being choreographed, but oh my geezzzzzzz, their chemistry is like a magnet. They look so in together even if they’re not really together ( you know what I mean ). They look good together. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper should make another movie together and have another song together. Bradley Cooper is not a singer but doesn’t mean he can’t sing. He’s got a million dollar voice. Gosh, I can still hear him singing right now. I imagine him singing to me right now. Hahaha. Bradley Cooper + Lady Gaga should be #BraGa. What do you think is the perfect name for them together?

The Oscars 2019
A Star Is Born

Come On Feel The Noise Graphic Tank Top + The Superstar Legging


How’s your Saturday? Hope you had a wonderful day. My family had a great time today. We went to the park and let the boys played until they were tired to play more. Today, I’m sharing with you my latest picks. Not so much though! Went to my favorite store ( Belk ) to look for great deals. Belk always has great deals so if you don’t shop there, you’ll miss out a lot of great deals.

This “Come on Feel The Noise” graphic tank topby #TRUECRAFT is comfortable plus I got this tee for only $4.99! Babes, I’m not an expensive shopper. I look for something that I can wear, look good, and doesn’t cost much. Let’s be practical these days.

Now, about this legging, I’m wearing a size small. I wear extra-small but didn’t find my size. As you can see, it’s a little loose on me. The extra-small would be perfect. I love the material, it’s soft and comfortable! The only thing I don’t like about this white legging is the fact that it’s hard to keep it clean. Also, the length is a little too long for me. I’m only 4 foot and 11 inches. Overall, it’s all about how comfortable it is though.

Fitness Wear Of The Day
Brunette Hair Don't Care
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Belk's graphic tee.
Ready To Hit The Gym
Fitness Fashion

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have a good night!

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Rose Gold: My New Color Obsession

Do you have a color obsession? What color is it? Lately, I have been wanting the “rose gold” color. It’s not like I want it for everything though. I’m obsessed with this color when it comes to active wear.

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I’m gonna start with this headset. I love going to the gym and work out with a wireless Bluetooth headset. Listening to some of my favorite music helps me keep going and more focus on my workout without being distracted with what’s going on around me.


Wearing the right shoes is a must especially when working out. I had that problem last time. I was wearing the wrong shoes and my ankle was hurting like crazy. It was on fire! I didn’t wear a “mesh material” shoes, it was a little hard and not flexible. Two things I love about the mesh material is that it allows my feet to breathe while working out and it’s comfortable. It is also lightweight and flexible. The only downside of the “mesh material” is it stretched and it’s not the toughest material, so don’t expect a mesh shoe to last longer than you think because this material doesn’t have that longevity.

Women's Nike Sportswear


Legging is my weakness. I wear legging more often year round than wearing jeans. It’s just comfortable! I love wearing the shorter length legging. I’m only 4 foot and 11 inches tall. Hehehehe cute height I would say.

Rose Gold Legging

Sports Bra

To be honest, wearing a sports bra is much more comfortable than wearing a regular bra. For two years now, I wear sports bra often than a regular bra. I would say that a sports bra is a very comfortable everyday bra compared to a regular bra. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but for me it is. Regular bras give me shoulder tension, it doesn’t give me the comfort I need. However, every women is different.

Racerback Wide Strap Sports Bra.


I don’t know if you do the same, but whenever I go to the gym, I bring my own cold water.

Insulated water bottle

Okay, and that’s my latest color obsession. What’s your color obsession?

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For quick makeup days, I would highly recommend Wet n Wild Makeup Sticks from Walmart, especially the “conceal” makeup stick. This “conceal makeup stick is my new best friend. I’ve been using this for over three months now. So far, I’m happy with the result and how it quickly conceals some red spots on my face with just a few applications. I used this “conceal” stick as my face foundation alone and eyelid primer. Adding a little blush on my cheeks and eye shadows, and I’m done. Hey, it works! For me, this stick is a must have especially for busy moms. I actually carry this in my purse all the time as well.

About the highlighter one, I have nothing negative to say. It gives my face a nice glow! It comes in ten different shades.

  1. Call Me Maple
  2. Flora Majority
  3. Follow Your Bisque ( This is “conceal” shade I am using )
  4. Hustle & Glow
  5. Nude For Thought
  6. Oak’s On You
  7. Peach Bums
  8. When The Nude Strikes ( This is the highlighter I am using )
  9. Where’s Walnut
  10. You’re A Natural

I’m really impressed how effective these sticks are, and for the price, I can’t let these two pass.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Makeup Sticks: Highligh & Conceal

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlight and Conceal Swatches.
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About These Items

In one swipe of a stick, you can get catwalk-ready cheekbones, naturally flushed cheeks or an insanely glowy complexion. Toss one of these portable makeup sticks in your purse or pocket and you’ll be camera-ready in less time it takes to double tap. Available in: Strobe, Contour, Conceal and Blush.

  • In one swipe you can get catwalk-ready cheekbones, naturally flushed cheeks or an insanely glowy complexion.
  • Toss one of these in your purse or pocket and you’ll be camera-ready in less time it takes to double tap.
  • Multi-use sticks that conceal, highlight, contour and add a pop of color to the cheeks! Easy to control design with precise application!
  • Long wearing, crease proof, ultra-portable and can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Available in: Strobe, Contour, Conceal and Blush.


Skin Care Concern: For external use only. Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children.


Ingredients: Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Isononyl Isononanoate, Dipentaerythrityl Hexa C5-9 Acid Esters, Polyethylene, Hydrogenated Coco-glycerides, Ozokerite, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Talc, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Phytosteryl Macadamiate, Silica, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Synthetic Wax, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Silica Dimethyl Silyate, Tocopherol, [+/- (MAY CONTAIN/PEUT CONTENIR): Titanium Dioxide/CI 77891, Mica, Iron Oxides/CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Yellow 5 Lake/CI 19140, Carmine/CI 75470].


FeaturesAvailable in: Strobe, Contour, Conceal and Blush., Long wearing, crease proof, ultra-portable and can be used anywhere, anytime, Multi-use sticks that conceal, highlight, contour and add a pop of color to the cheeks! Easy to control design with precise application!, In one swipe you can get catwalk-ready cheekbones, naturally flushed cheeks or an insanely glowy complexion., Toss one of these in your purse or pocket and you’ll be camera-ready in less time it takes to double tap.
Brandwet n wild
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)0.94 x 3.42 x 0.94 Inches
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Filipino Dish: Pork Sinigang [ Pork Sour Stew ]

There are many variations amongst Filipinos when it comes to Sinigang (Sour Stew). This is my version of Pork Sinigang. Sinigang is served as a main dish for Filipinos. The ingredients of my version are listed below. This dish is usually served with rice and it is the perfect dish during chilly/cooler days.

Filipino Pork Sour Stew
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2 Pounds Pork ( cut into half inch thick squares )

4-5 cups of water ( depends on your preferences )

4 Potatoes (peeled and cut into cubes)

3 corn on the cob (cut in halves)

4 Carrots ( peeled and cut into cubes)

1 Onion ( peeled and chopped )

1 pack of Tamarind Soup Base Mix

Easy Pork Sinigang Recipe
Tamarind Soup Base Mix


  1. In a pot, combine pork and water.
  2. In a medium heat, bring pot with the water and pork to a boil. Skim off scum until it’s all clear.
  3. Add the Tamarind Soup Base Mix. Continue on skimming off scum until it’s all clear.
  4. Add chopped onions.
  5. Let is simmer until the meat is a little tender.
  6. Now, add the potatoes and carrots.
  7. Let is simmer for another few minutes or until the meat is completely tender, also the carrots and potatoes are soft.
  8. Now, if you want to add a little kick to it. You can add at least 2 small hot chili peppers into it. ( I love it though ).
  9. SERVE HOT! (Serve it with rice ).

ENJOY! Hope you will give this a try and let me know what you think. I’ll be very happy to hear your feedback.


Rigatoni Pasta & Chocolate Covered Strawberries

One time Sean told me that their workplace cafeteria was being upgraded. Yesterday, he brought me some delicious Pasta and chocolate covered strawberries. I was getting ready ( to go watch a movie with him ) when he was telling me about the food. I went to the kitchen and checked it out. My goodness, they looked so good! Before even thinking about eating them, I first needed to take pictures of them. As a photographer, I can’t help it. They looked so good and my eyes were happier to indulge than my mouth wanting to eat them. Sounds funny? Hey, I think if you are a blogger and photographer you do the same. Hahahaha….

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Rigatoni Pasta With Tomato Cream Sauce and Black Olives.
It’s Lunch Time!
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Crochet: DIY Round Flat Circle

When I was a young girl I always saw my mom making crochet projects. It was either a shirt or table runner or anything for the windows. I really love admiring her finished projects. Every time my mom had her hook and yarn in her hands, she made crocheting look so easy and effortless. Oh, how my mom loves to crochet and to sew! Nevertheless, growing up, I could say that I didn’t have the passion for it nor in my wildest dream did I think that one day I would sew or crochet. Many times I told myself, I don’t have that talent that my mom has.

Guess what? I’m in my 30’s now and all of a sudden I want to sew something. And yes, I did just that! I thought I wanted to sew just one thing, but then this feeling of wanting to learn how to sew more has grown every day. Out of nowhere, my mind tells me that I want to crochet something for the dining and living room tables. Trust me, I’m still shocked! It’s like I just woke up and realized that this desire runs in the family. You know?

One time I was sitting on the couch when I came to a realization. I realized that my mom was in her early 30’s also when I witnessed her passion for sewing and crocheting. At first, my reaction was “uh-uh I think I shouldn’t have said that I won’t be able to do that.” Literally, it just hit me! I noticed that since I reached in my 30’s, I’m slowly getting passionate about the things that my mom really loved. I’m not sure if you have experienced that too? If you have, I would love to know!

Until next time and have a good night to all!

Round Double Crochet
Using Honolulu Pink yarn
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Adding new round.
It’s getting there.
This is the first crochet video I watched to get an idea.
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