The Sounds Of Nature: My Sleeping Aid

Growing up from a small village in the Philippines; having few neighbors living just walking distance from our house was one of the best memories I have. Waking up every morning and hearing the beautiful sounds of the birds chirping; the roosters saying cockadoodledoo and my mother’s pigs oinking. Right across the road is the ocean. The sound of waves smashing the shore is very calming. You might think “gosh, that’s too much noise!” To be honest, I missed those noises. Those kinds of noises are big parts of my life growing up. And also, before I forget, my dad had goats too!

But today, living in a city (not a very big city ), all I can hear from the moment I wake up in the morning till’ midnight are vehicle noises. Not so calming, especially at night and all I want is to have a good night sleep. Plenty of times that I did wish to be living in the countryside, but I’m not. There must be a reason why not. Only God knows.

Sometimes, when it’s raining, I can sleep better compared to when it’s not. For me, the sound of the rain is so soothing. The raindrops help me fall asleep easier. I would say that my ultimate sleep aid is the sound of the rain.

A Wet & Windy Morning

Growing up hearing the different nature sounds like the running water from the stream behind our house, birds chirping, chickens clocking, and the roosters saying cockadoodledoo was very calming. So, my question is why nature sounds help us relax? Do you notice that when you are listening to the natural sounds ( nature sounds ) that your body switches to relax mode? That’s all I need after dealing with my boys; their school homework and other stuff. Every parent deserves a relaxing moment.


Custom Designs: Floral Wrapping Papers

How do you like wrapping a present for someone? What designs do you choose for a wrapper? For now, I’m gonna share with you my 10 picks of the day wrapping papers. I have friends who are having birthdays. Most of them are not pretty much soon, but that is one of the things I need to make it up this year. I am so forgetful. My friends and workmates used to laugh at me because I think for them it’s quite funny how I forget things that quick. To be honest, I had this problem since after I gave birth to my first child. I literally couldn’t remember my birthday and other things. I’ll talk about it some other time.

Anyway, last year, I was working in a retail job. You know working in retail is not like go to work and don’t do anything. It’s not like that at all, especially at my work. Not to mention the place, but all of us ( my workmates – including me ) had to work hard. Lifting boxes, climbing on the ladder, and etc. That time, I really forgot some of my friends birthdays. That’s why this year, I will try my very best to be prepared, starting from finding a nice gift wrapper. For most people, gift wrapper is not the most important thing when giving gifts which I totally agree. However, that will be part of my preparation for this year. It’s fun to do something a little different, don’t you think? Something that makes your gift more special because of the effort you will put into it before giving it to someone special – friends and families.

  1. Graceful

2. Vibrant Peacock Tail

3. Snowflakes

4. Sparkly Silver Snowflakes

5. Pink Rose Blue Hydrangea

6. Hand Painted Floral Pattern

7. Vivid Floral

8. Carnations

9. Romantic Pink

10. Bohemian Pink

I hope you’ll like the designs above. Each of the Zazzle artists above have plenty of other beautiful designs to choose from. Feel free to check them out!

Meet Daisy:Schnauzer + Havanese Breed

I always wanted to have a dog, but never thought that day would come. Sometimes, when Sean and the boys are not home, I feel so alone. The house is so quiet, and sometimes I talk to myself, lol. Have you ever felt that way when you’re alone? Well, that’s my case.

One day, Sean visited his family in Springfield, Missouri. At his parents house was a cute puppy. She was a rescue puppy. She’s a Schnauzer + Havanese breed. I didn’t know about her yet until Sean called me on the phone and told me about her. I was like “send me a picture of her, please”. When I received the photos that Sean sent me, guess what? I was like a little kid wanting for candies, hahaha. Right then, I asked him to bring her home. I was so excited!

My Dog Named Daisy

Meet my furry baby girl, Daisy. When she arrived home with Sean, I was not the only one who was so excited, but also my two boys who are 10 and 7-years-old. Their reaction was “mommy…..look, it’s a puppy!” We were so happy to finally met her.

Daisy made us smile and laugh almost all the time. She is such a sweetheart! Also, I never thought I would sleep with a dog beside me. Maybe she thinks she’s a human. We love her dearly! Whenever my boys are ready for bed time, Daisy knows that it’s time to say good night to them and she’ll get excited; jumping on their beds and licked their faces; wants them to scratch her tummy.

She is a blessing to us and we love her so much. She is so special. It warms my heart to hear my boys giggling all the time, and playing with her. We’re blessed to have her.

There are days that she goes with me to my kids school to pick them up. When she see the boys at the pick up area, she’ll wag her tail like it will never stop at all. Before, at the school pick up area, my boys would say “hi mommy” as soon as they get into the vehicle. Now, they’re like “oh my God, hi Daisy! Are you happy to see us, Daisy?” Am I jealous? Of course not! It makes me more happier to see my boys that happy. Bless their hearts!

Fun Day With My Dog

With her fluffy ears and wagging tail, how can I not smile? From the very first day, she always put a smile on my face and the faces of my family. It’s very true that there are benefits that dogs bring to our lives. Gosh, there’s never a dull moment in the house now.

Personally, petting her and talking to her helps me relax. Whenever I feel stressed ( everybody get stressed out sometimes ), I noticed that it wasn’t as bad as before. There is a big change in my mood since Daisy has been with us. She cracks me up all the time and I love it!

Egg Rolls Recipe

In the Philippines, we called the egg rolls “Lumpiang Shanghai”. It is a deep fried appetizer consisting ground meat ( pork, beef, or turkey – depends on you ). The main stuffing is the ground meat, added with chopped onions, carrots and chopped garlic if you want, salt and pepper. Once cooked, it is commonly served with sweet and sour sauce. It’s yummy!

Egg Rolls (Lumpiang Shanghai )

Spring Roll Wrappers or
“Lumpia Wrappers”

Sweetened Chili Sauce for spring rolls.
Ready To Be Fried


2 lbs ground beef or pork

1 large onion finely chopped

1 large carrot peeled and shredded

1 cup parsley chopped

Minced garlic ( the amount you will add depends on your preference )

Spring Roll wrapper / lumpia wrapper

Salt ( for tasting )

Pepper ( depends on your preference )

2 tbsp soy sauce

Vegetable oil


  1. In a bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well.
  2. Lay out the wrapper in a diamond shape. Place 2 tbsp of the mixtured filling over a piece of spring roll wrapper / lumpia wrapper.
  3. Spread the filling then fold both sides of the wrapper. Roll the wrapper towards the top point. Seal it with a little water rub on the tip point of the wrapper.


  1. Heat a frying pan and add vegetable oil ( you can use canola oil if you want ). Make sure the oil is about 350 degrees.
  2. Add egg roll / lumpia rolls and let it cook until it’s golden brown.
  3. Place the cook egg rolls / lumpia rolls on your prepared dish and let it cool a little bit. Serve it with the sweet and sour sauce.
  4. Enjoy!

Put A Ring On It:High Polished Fashion Rings

Champagne Color Stone Ring

Size: 5 Material:Stainless Steel Plating:Vacuum / Ion Plating, Single-Tone


Clear Cocktail Ring

High Polished Cocktail Ring

Size: 5 High Polished. Material: Stainless Steel Plating: No Plating Center Stone Size:18,13(mm) Stone Cuttings:Pear Weight(approx):7.23(g)


Cat Eye Fashion Ring

Cat Eye Ring

Size: 6 Material:Brass Plating:Vacuum / Ion Plating, Single-Tone Center Stone Name:Rhinestone, Cat's Eye Center Stone Color:Clear, Yellow, Citrine Yellow Stone Cuttings:Marquise Weight(approx):8.80(g)


Gold Lust Ring

Size: 7 Gender:Women Material:Brass Plating:Vacuum / Ion Plating, Single-Tone Center Stone Name:Rhinestone Center Stone Color:Achromatic, Clear Weight(approx):6.90(g)


Solitaire Ring

Size: 7 Material:Brass Plating:Vacuum / Ion Plating, Single-Tone Center Stone Name:Cubic Zirconia, AAA Grade CZ Center Stone Color:Achromatic, Clear Center Stone Size:14,7(mm) Stone Cuttings:Marquise Weight(approx):7.00(g)


My Dream Kitchen:Five Best Kitchen Ideas


I’m going to start with these following questions.

  1. Do you like to cook?
  2. How often do you cook?
  3. Are you comfortable moving around your kitchen when cooking?
  4. Do you have the space you need to move around in your kitchen while cooking?

I actually asked those questions to myself often, and here are my answers.

  1. Do you like to cook? – Yes, I love to cook!
  2. How often do you cook? – I used to cook everyday but not anymore.
  3. Are you comfortable moving around your kitchen? – To be honest, no! I’m claustrophobic. I’m can’t stay in my kitchen for long without feeling dizzy, getting headache and the fact that I will start getting clumsy.
  4. Do you have the space you need to move around in your kitchen while cooking? -The answer in no. As a mentioned above I’m claustrophobic. I love a spacious kitchen where I can freely move without tripping; without getting headache; and without feeling dizzy.  I always feel like that when I’m in a small space. I have two little boys, and when they are in the kitchen with me I’m always trying to out just to take deep breath.

Having this kind of issue, I just wish we have a bigger kitchen! Browsing online for kitchen ideas is very helpful. There are 5 best kitchen ideas I picked. My picked might not be your style. Everyone is different; everyone have different style. However, if I win in lottery, one of these designs will be my kitchen look. I wish….I wish….I wish!

Okay, here’s my picks. All images below are linked to the websites where I found these ideas.

Traditional Style Kitchen

Traditional Style Kitchen

Square and Spacious


Open concept style kitchen

How about you? What is your dream kitchen?

love ester



Artsy Kind Of Day:Saddle Bag Custom Designs

My original plan for today was to bake a cake. Did I do it? Yes, I did! Unfortunately, while baking it, I got distracted with something else; I forgot about it and when I remembered, it was a little too late, I burnt my cake. My efforts; the ingredients; the time was wasted. Well, time to move on.

After that “cake thingy” incident I decided to go ahead and create some arts (my stress reliever) as I mentioned before. Today, I’m gonna share a few of my custom saddle bag designs on ArtsAdd. My store on ArtsAdd is pretty new, I need your support by ordering something there that you might like. It would be wonderful! So let’s go ahead, shall we?



saddle bag diva
Diva Saddle Bag

saddle bag watcher's eyes
Watcher’s Eyes Saddle Bag

saddle bag black web
Black Web Saddle Bag

saddle bag spring blossom
Spring Blossom Saddle Bag

saddle bag spring colors
Spring Colors Saddle Bag

saddle bag hypnotic
Hypnotic Saddle Bag

That is all for now. Your feedback will be greatly ester