My family and friends know how I love makeup. For me, creating different looks with it is fun! I don’t wear makeup because I’m insecure about my skin or how my face looks. I love wearing makeup to show my creative and artistic side. If someone you know that wears makeup to make her confident in-front of other people, then let her be. Don’t judge a woman because she is wearing makeup.

I love my makeup brands, and I have been using them for a long time. However, three weeks ago, while I was shopping for a new bottle of liquid foundation at our local Wal-Mart store, I glanced at this gorgeous and colorful eyeshadow palette while browsing at the cosmetics department. This eyeshadow palette is by Hard ♥ Candy brand. I honestly haven’t tried using this brand until I saw this eyeshadow palette. The gorgeous earth tone of this palette caught my attention, and I must have it. So, I decided to give it a try.


This Hard Candy’s Earthy Vixen Look Pro Palette features fifteen (15) gorgeous earth tone shades and four (4) professional applicators. I love the warm earth tones. Perfect for this Fall season and even for Winter season.

The only thing that disappoints me is it’s not as pigmented as I thought.


  • DUSK
  • HUNT


  • DUSK
  • HUNT

Missing The Warm Weather Already

How do you like this cold weather so far? As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I am not fond of cold weather at all. This cold weather makes my knees hurt, hahaha. Maybe it sounds funny, but it’s true! I’m probably too young to say that my knees hurt, but in cold weather like this, it does hurt. It also makes me feel sleepy all the time. Not only that, this cold weather makes me tired and also makes me want to have Pho every day. Hmmm, I need to learn how to cook Pho to save me $15.00 per order (big bowl). This Pho from Bangkok Spice, located in West Monroe, tasted good! Every time we dine-in or ordering on the phone, I always get the Pho. Sometimes I added crispy rolls to go with my Pho. In the meantime, I’ll have to keep me warm until this cold weather is over. Cause everyone else in the house except me is loving this cold weather so far.

It’s not even Winter yet, and here I am already missing Summer. My body is active, more energetic, and stronger on warmer days. In colder days, I feel weak, achy, tired, and lazy. There you go, I laid them all out. I’m sure, I’m not the only one dealing this dilemma.

My question to you is, “How is this cold weather affects your body?”


Summer Time

10% discount voucher

Pancakes + Hot Chocolate Milk On This Chilly Friday Morning

I learned when I moved here to the United States in 2008 that this is what they called pancakes. Back in the Philippines, we called this “hotcake.” My grandma made the best hotcakes. There was no one else from our or village who make hotcakes or pancakes back then. Her hotcakes were famous in the whole village at that time. My grandma would make layers and layers of hotcakes. Then, she would spread margarine on top of each hotcake and sprinkle white sugar on top for finishing. It was fantastic! People often asked her if she will bake the following day again. Oh yes, she cooked every single day! My siblings and I, and our cousins were always on alert mode, waiting for our grandma to call our names. When she does, it means time to go out selling. We love everything that grandma cooked. For every five pesos total of food that we sold (each of us), we earned one peso in commission. Back then, when I was 8 to 12-year-old, having 5 pesos or 10 pesos in my pocket was a big deal. So many good memories with my grandma, I don’t even know where to begin when sharing you about it.

By the way, It was freezing early this morning. All I could think of is going back to sleep after dropping my boys to their school, but I got to do some errands today, and I needed a quick breakfast. Hmmmm….it was good! Have a beautiful and blessed Friday, everyone!


It has been fifteen years since the last time I had Atchara. Growing up, my family always had Atchara made by my grandmother. For me, my grandma was and always be the best cook ever! I missed all her cookings. She was always busy preparing food every day when she was still healthy and was able to do all those stuff. If you want something, just name it, and she will cook it. When my siblings and I were kids, we go door to door and sell the food that grandma cooked. It could be Pancit, Siopao, Donut, Shakoy, slices of Chocolate Cake, Atchara, and etc. There’s no day that I don’t miss and crave for my grandma’s cooking.

So, when a close friend of mine told me days ago that Han is selling Atchara, and asked me if I want to order. I quickly replied, YES! I was so excited, and couldn’t wait to get my hand on that jar, open and eat the Atchara salad inside it. Thanks, Ate Melanie, for letting me know about Han’s Atchara. Also, thank you, Han, your Atchara satisfied my cravings. Though, I can’t help but compared it to my grandma’s Atchara. However, you also did a great job!

TO ORDER HAN’S ATCHARA: Feel free to contact her here.


In the Philippines, Atchara is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya. Back in the Philippines, my family used this as a side dish, and it’s so good!


Dinner With Friends: Melanie & Elvie

Thank God, after six days straight work, finally, it’s my day off. Good thing, it’s my friend – ate Melanie’s day off as well. Also, Elvie was out of work a little early. So, we had the chance for a quick get together dinner at our place. I used to work with them before, and we frequently had Filipino dinner on our days off. However, since I’m working now in a different place, it’s so hard for us to do this frequently because of our different work schedules. Finally, we did it yesterday! Besides, it was my sister’s 41st birthday yesterday (November 5th – Philippines time).

Thank you, Ate Melanie and Elvie, for coming over in such short notice. We appreciate your company. Thanks to little Gwyneth for entertaining us all!

Thanks, Elvie for the Key Lime Pie.
Thanks, El, for the ice cream.
Thanks to Helen Paragas for the shrimp.
Atchara by Hanadi

Fall Season: Outdoor Family Pictures

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? For the past few days, we had lots of rain. So far, today we had light rain showers all day long, thank God! It’s just too nasty outside to do any outdoor activities. Also, I decided to stay home today instead of going to work. I am a little under the weather since I woke up this morning. You know, when you feel achy, you really don’t wanna do anything except stay on bed or on your couch all day with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate. My whole day was definitely like that today. I hope these achy muscles will be better tomorrow.

Anyway, what is your favorite season of the year? Mine is the Fall season. I love the Fall colors around, and also the colder weather. Plus, when the sun is out, it’s not too hot. For me, it’s perfect! Last two weeks ago, we had our Fall season family pictures. I worked on those pictures last night. When you have little boys that won’t stay still for a photo and a dog that wants all the attention for herself, I think our family picture came out really good.

Playing with the leaves.
Best Friends
Alison Daley Knit Cardigan – Dilliard’s | High Neck Swing Solid Dress (here).
Moda Spana High Heels – Shoe Dept. Encore

Sunday With Great Friends

We had a great Sunday at church yesterday morning. Powerful praise and worship. Most of all, listening to the word of God through our Pastor’s preaching – always the best part! So glad to also see some wonderful friends as well.

After the service, we headed out to Ate Nelda and Kuya Mike’s residence to have a lunch fellowship with friends and also a celebration for seeing Ate Rose and Irish again. They are now both residing in other states. So, we won’t be seeing them back for a while. Many thanks to Ate Nelda and Kuya Mike for opening their home for us and for all the delicious (masarap) food they prepared. It was a fun-filled and such a beautiful day.

Have you ever been to a Filipino get together? If you did, then you already know that we love to eat, laugh a lot, talk a lot, and sing karaoke, hahaha. If you haven’t yet, now you know, lol!