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Dinner With Friends: Melanie & Elvie

Thank God, after six days straight work, finally, it’s my day off. Good thing, it’s my friend – ate Melanie’s day off as well. Also, Elvie was out of work a little early. So, we had the chance for a quick get together dinner at our place. I used to work with them before, and we frequently had Filipino dinner on our days off. However, since I’m working now in a different place, it’s so hard for us to do this frequently because of our different work schedules. Finally, we did it yesterday! Besides, it was my sister’s 41st birthday yesterday (November 5th – Philippines time).

Thank you, Ate Melanie and Elvie, for coming over in such short notice. We appreciate your company. Thanks to little Gwyneth for entertaining us all!

Thanks, Elvie for the Key Lime Pie.
Thanks, El, for the ice cream.
Thanks to Helen Paragas for the shrimp.
Atchara by Hanadi
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Good Wednesday morning, everyone! How’s your Wednesday morning going so far? This morning, I’m thankful I rechecked my work schedule. Somehow, I kept thinking that I have to work this morning, but when I rechecked my schedule, I was like, “oh gosh, I’m closing again.” However, that’s what we call #itslife ☺

At this moment, right now, I am just going to enjoy another Siopao that I bought from my friend (Steam Bun with Pork Filling) to go with my morning coffee. I bought one dozen of it, and if you’re an Asian like me, a dozen steam bun really won’t last long, hehe. Shoutout to my friend, Helen. She did a great job! I will definitely buy SIOPAO from her again ☺.

If you want to order, don’t hesitate to send her a message (◄◄).

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Filipino Grocery Shopping At Saigon Asian Market

You guys know that when you are craving for something you will do everything to satisfy that craving, am I right? Being a Filipino I know that I’m not the only one that is always craving for some Filipino foods, snacks, and etc. Before, we had to travel for 2 hours just to shop at an Asian market in Shreveport. There were also plenty of times that we drove four (4) hours to shop at a Filipino grocery store called Kababayan Asian Food Mart in Tyler Texas. Driving that far for grocery shopping means I had to make sure that everything I need was written down on my list. Honestly, driving that far is exhausting! Thankfully, we have a new Asian Store in our local area now that carries a wide variety of Filipino goods. This store is called Saigon Asian Market. I’m sure the Filipino community here in Monroe and West Monroe are very happy just like me. Now, whenever I’m craving for my favorite snacks or something else I’m grateful that I can finally get it, enjoy it, and the cravings are satisfied!

By the way this store is located in Monroe, La.

Saigon Asian Market: 5202 Desiard St, Monroe, Louisiana 71203

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Being away from home and not able to eat your favorite Filipino dishes is not easy. Now and then I crave for Filipino dishes. Yes, I’m not kidding! I’m sure many of you can relate to this. Lately, my friends and I decided to have a Filipino dinner together at my place after their work is done. Guess what we had?

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Fried Marinated Bangus
Bangus ( Milkfish )

This fried, seasoned marinated Bangus (Milkfish) is so good! We called this Daing na Bangus in the Philippines. Daing are usually split open, gutted, salted and air-dried. This is a preservation technique. For others, I’m sure this doesn’t look appealing at all. However, for us-Filipinos, we could eat lots of rice with this dish.

Grilled Skipjack Tuna
Inihaw Na Tulingan

Inihaw Na Tulingan is one of our native dish in the Philippines. This is one of my most favorite dish growing up. I love eating this fish when it’s grilled, friend, or stewed.

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Fried Galunggong

Galunggong when crispy fried is the best! You’ll never see even bones on my plate. My friends, Melanie and Odette both love the crispy friend as well.

Ginisang Ampalaya na may Itlog
( Sauteed Bitter Melon with Egg )

Now, when it comes to cooking bitter melon you need to make sure you know the technique on how to lessen the bitter taste of it before cooking.


  1. Cut melons in halves. Remove all the seeds and slice it thinly.
  2. Soak the thin slices of bitter melons in a bowl with warm water and plenty of salt for 30 minutes. The salt helps the bitter juice to come out.
  3. After 30 minutes, wash the slices really good and give it a squeeze to help get the bitter juice out more.
  4. Now, it’s ready for cooking.

Pancit ( Stir Fried Noodle )

There are numerous variants of Pancit in the Philippines. This savory dish is very easy to prepare and ready in less than 30 minutes. In this one, I added fried slices of chicken breast and fried shrimp and mixed in the noodles before I seasoned it all together.


The word “halo-halo” means mixed. This cold dessert is a mixture of crushed ice, evaporated milk, enough sugar, and other various ingredients including fruits, sweetened beans, topped with ice cream.

Puto ( Steamed Rice Muffin/cake )
My Friends are hungry 😉

Now, who’s hungry? We are going to do it again soon and we are going to cook another Filipino dishes. Stay tuned!

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Filipino Style Breakfast

Lately, I’ve been craving Filipino Food (Filipino Cooking). I feel like I don’t have the appetite of eating Non-Filipino food. I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there who can relate to this. It’s not just the Filipinos but also other races. We always crave for our cultural food. Just to be honest, I crave for it every single day. I had some friends who asked me about how many times I eat rice on a daily basis? Ahhhhhhh, my answer would be “three times a day”. There are also days that I missed eating rice, but I feel incomplete. Look, food is part of our culture. Just like rice is part of my culture. As a Filipino, it’s hard to have a meal without rice. I’m just being honest.

It’s not like every day though that I cook Filipino food. My children are Filipino-American (Half Filipino-Half American or FIL-AM), and they are very picky. My youngest one is not as picky as my Eldest one. However, he likes to copy his big brother. I’m sure all moms know what I mean. They eat rice and sausages but not the egg. I love eggs!

We just don’t make eggs, sausages and rice for breakfast though. It really depends on the person. Growing up, living in the province with my family, we barely had sausages before. Eggs, rice and fish are the common basic breakfast. I miss those days! And yes, we Filipinos eat rice three times a day. We love rice!

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Filipino Breakfast
Filipino Breakfast
Egg and Sausages
Egg And Sausages
Fried Rice
Fried Rice With Hotdogs