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Be Grateful For Everything

I have been #MIA on my blog for a month now. In my last blog, I shared that we just moved into our new home. It was a restless couple of weeks for us, especially for me, because I had to deal with five children (two boys and three dogs), while Sean is working. Many times, I felt like pulling my hair off while continuing unboxing our stuff. Who doesn’t feel like doing it when you are doing a lot, and you are super tired? Well, I survived every day without pulling my hair off, and I’m grateful for it.

Three weeks later, after we moved into our new home, Sean and I tied the knot! And because of the #pandemic, we decided to have a quick wedding ceremony with only a few family members and Sean’s best friend, but it was beautiful with a little bit of comedy (my little one decided to use the restroom during the ceremony, so we had to wait for him. Lol! It was a beautiful day – a very special day, indeed!

We are living in this beautiful home for a month and a couple of days now. Wow, time flies! It feels like we just moved in here a few days ago. Peaceful area. Friendly neighbors. We are witnessing the sunsets right from our living room. Fresh air and seeing deers in the backyard too! This place is perfect. This house is ours and our forever home! So grateful for everything God has given us. Thankful for the challenges, and so grateful for the blessings as well ♥♥♥.

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In this world of chaos, we are right now; I firmly believe that there is always something good every single day. There’s still love, hope, faith, kindness, forgiveness, and a helping hand within us. The situation that we are dealing with right now in our everyday lives, we are all in this together.

With this Coronavirus or #Covid19 going on around us, this is not the proper time for pointing fingers and blaming people to the point that we have forgotten to come together in prayer. So many who are not at the frontlines, and non-essential workers refused to cooperate and stay at home. Some people think that staying at home is a kind of joke. But the good thing about following the “Stay At Home” order is that you now have quality time with your family that you probably didn’t have before this happened. It’s like a brand new start for everyone and every family.

Let’s pray for each other. Let’s pray for our country and for the entire world. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

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To those parent/parents like myself, we do everything we can so our children at least feel like everything are okay. We do everything we can to protect them, and to assure them to not be worry thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow. And with schools, temporarily closed, we do everything to help our children continue learning from home.

Many times, I feel like I’m going to pull my hair off. Seriously, I’m sure it’s not just me who feels like doing it from time to time. I’m sure you are too! For now, this is our new normal. We must learn to accept all these new challenges as part of God’s way of molding us into something He wants us to be. Only God knows His purpose for allowing this to happen all over the world. We don’t know what His plan is. Whatever His plan is, we know we can trust Him.

I have two boys who don’t get along with each other most of the day. They don’t agree with everything! We -(parents) know that our kids can drive us nuts sometimes. These past weeks haven’t been easy for us all. For me, my patience is running thin. When I ‘m starting to feel it, I go to the bathroom, take a deep breath, and pray. I know, God is listening to all our cries. He is not deaf, and he will not turn his back on us. He is our ultimate healer, and He will bring healing not only this land but to all who called upon His name.