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Review: Starbucks Hot Cocoa Salted Caramel

I’m a hot cocoa drinker, yes I am! However, I wouldn’t say I like every hot cocoa flavors out there. I tried different flavors, some are okay, and some I don’t like. Well, a week ago, Sean bought me this Starbucks Hot Cocoa Salted Caramel at Wal-Mart. At first, I was like, “Okay, let me try this and see if I’ll like it.” Guess what?; this is what I was exactly looking for a hot cocoa taste. The taste of this one makes me feel so close to home (Philippines). I can taste the cocoa in it. That little bitter taste in it makes it tastes excellent. I don’t add any milk to it. I like the flavor more without adding milk in it. So thankful to Sean for this ♥.

Drinking my hot cocoa and partnered it with Filipino Puto (steamed muffin). YUM!!
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So, I’ve been hearing a lot about this French Press coffee maker for months and the reviews are overwhelmingly great! Even with those reviews, I was still a little skeptical about it. Lately, I broke my coffee maker and so I needed a new one. While I was shopping for a new coffee maker I happened to see this French Press coffee maker. I was debating for probably over thirty minutes whether I should get this or get the same coffee maker that I had. Apparently, the debate on my head ended and the French Press won and I checked out.

When I got back home, I couldn’t wait, I was too eager to give it a try and so I did. You know what, the first thing I said to myself was ” girl, you should have tried this the first time you heard about it”. I continued talking to myself saying “dang, this is good!”. Anyone else can relate? Do you talk to yourself sometimes? Anyway, I’m so glad I got the French Press.


For me, my coffee using this French Press coffee maker tastes much better compared to my old coffee maker. Paper filters in drip machines absorb much of the oil in your coffee grounds. French Press doesn’t soak up the flavor and adds tiny bits of coffee grounds in the coffee that percolates flavor and that’s why the taste is even better.


The brewing takes only four ( 4 ) minutes. First thing, I boiled water. While the water is boiling I put coffee grounds on my French Press. Then, I slowly poured the hot water over my coffee ground inside the French Press filling to the desired level. Cover it and let it brew for four ( 4 ) minutes.


French press retains more of the natural oils from the coffee grounds.  It allows the oil based flavors in the coffee to remain. I’m telling you now, I’m obsessed with it. This is a must have coffee maker.

Get your French Press Here: (Affiliate Link)

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My Day Be Like: Organizing Accent Beads

I have a lot of accent beads still wrapped and stored in a container box. I really want to have them out from that box completely and put somewhere permanently without the hassle of putting them back to that big container, carry them back to the bedroom and hide them in the closet. This is a very small and easy project. Now that I have found organizers for my accent beads (not just for beads but for other craft stuff as well), the only thing that I need is a craft station. If only this house had an extra room for it, that would be perfect. It’s hard to add anything like cabinets for crafts, or shelves when you don’t have space for it.

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Need a little more stackable organizers though. I want all of them to be the same, however, it’s out of stock at the Dollar Tree ( in my area ) store for now. These stackable clear drawers are perfect. It’s only a dollar per unit.


Keep your desk neat and organized! Convenient and durable plastic organizers perfectly store your office supplies. Each organizer has clear walls and a 5-in. pull out drawer to store smaller items such as paperclips, thumb tacks, and rubber bands. Great for the desk at home, schools, or the office.


Case Quantity: 12

Assortment Details: 5x5x1.75-in. Clear Plastic Desktop Organizer

DrawersColors: Clear

Material: Plastic

Width: 5 in.

Height: 1.75 in.

Depth: 5 in.

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Now, the next thing I’m gonna work on is to find a perfect spot to be my craft station. I hope I can tackle this and get it done. Still, have a lot of sorting out to do. This is one of those things I love to do. I actually had this idea for quite some time now. Wish me good luck!

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5 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Shopping at a thrift store or in short “thrifting” is not for everybody. Some people don’t even wanna hear the word “thrift store”. Some people loves it. I’m one of those people who love thrift stores. Every time I shops at a thrift store I always get out with a very big smile, and always proud with the stuff I found. Just don’t be afraid to dig and get your hands dusty/dirty.

Below, I’m gonna share with you my shopping tips before I go to any thrift store.

Casual chic style fashion.
Wearing a leather vest I found at Goodwill for $2.00
Chic style fashion
Ain’t this vest so cute?


Don’t just go to a thrift store or even in any other store without a plan. Think about what you want to look for. Be specific and write it down. I have to write down stuff all the time otherwise I forget. Yes, I’m that forgetful (sounds awful right?). One of my biggest for writing down what I want is to have a guide also. I love vintage stuff. Honestly, they’re like candies to me. But having a guide or note I can actually focus and prioritize what’s on my list.


To those who hasn’t been to a thrift store, get ready. Sometimes the dust can be overwhelming. Some thrift stores ain’t that dusty, but some are, just saying. If you’re not willing to get your hands dusty or dirty, then you should stick to shopping at the mall or a boutique.


Thrift store can be overwhelming. I spend an hour or two every time I’m thrifting. So, before you even go thrifting, make sure that you have plenty of time to spare for it. No need to rush, there’s no fun thrifting if you’re rushing. You might miss a diamond somewhere because you’re rushing and don’t wanna look around, hahaha. There’s plenty of great stuff or great deals at any thrift store that’s worth checking out. Time, time, time….because baby, all you need is time.


Once you found the stuff from your list don’t get too excited. One thing you should do first before you even check out is to check your items. Make sure there’s no holes, ripped stitches, or stains. Ripped stitches ain’t that bad if you can sew then great! I can’t stand stains so I always check my picks not just once just to be sure.


Before leaving the store, always thank the person at the register with the great deals you have found. Everyone loves to hear that. It lighten up someone’s day.

My Thrift Store Finds This Week

Spring-summer weave handbag.
Weave handbag for $1.50
Ready for spring.
This bag is pretty, perfect for springtime to summer!
Jewelry organizer.
A Trifold Jewelry Organizer for 0.75 cents.
Drop earrings.
One side is for earrings. I made most of my earrings myself.
Drop earrings.
I made some of these earrings.
The other side is for bracelets.
The middle part is for the necklaces.

Now, if you’re planning to go thrifting take your time and have fun!