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Sunday With Great Friends

We had a great Sunday at church yesterday morning. Powerful praise and worship. Most of all, listening to the word of God through our Pastor’s preaching – always the best part! So glad to also see some wonderful friends as well.

After the service, we headed out to Ate Nelda and Kuya Mike’s residence to have a lunch fellowship with friends and also a celebration for seeing Ate Rose and Irish again. They are now both residing in other states. So, we won’t be seeing them back for a while. Many thanks to Ate Nelda and Kuya Mike for opening their home for us and for all the delicious (masarap) food they prepared. It was a fun-filled and such a beautiful day.

Have you ever been to a Filipino get together? If you did, then you already know that we love to eat, laugh a lot, talk a lot, and sing karaoke, hahaha. If you haven’t yet, now you know, lol!

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Great Sunday Service At Church + Celebration For All The September Birthday Celebrants After The Service

We had a great time at our church this morning. The Praise and Worship were so beautiful and moving. Also, listening to the Word of God through our Pastor was very powerful and very clear! God’s word is sharper than a double-edged sword. If you feel hurt by listening to the truth, then you are blessed because the truth hurts, and it helps us do the right thing. I feel so blessed to hear the truth, and you should experience the same way too.

After the service, we all had a great time celebrating all the September birthday celebrants at our church (we celebrate monthly birthday celebrants once a month at our church). It was a great fellowship! Thanks to our church pastor Gerald Brinkley for being there for us all the time. Thanks to ate Nelda and Kuya Mike for all the efforts they put into making this fellowship happen every month. Lastly, thanks to everyone who attended this morning, and for all the delicious food you cooked and brought for everyone to partake. God bless us all! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Baby Gwen with ate Melanie (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Hope you have a blessed day. Until next time.