Watcher’s Eyes

January 9, 2019 Off By Ester

As I mentioned on my last blog, I do love photography and creating digital arts. Right now, I just finished my newest digital art. Excuse me if it looks weird to you but I see it as creative. So, here’s the result of my art being applied to different items. It is also available in prints, click here.

watcher's weekender tote bag

Weekender Tote Bag

watcher's eyes yoga mat

Yoga Mat

watcher's eyes throw pillow

Throw Pillow

watcher's eyes shower curtain

Shower Curtain


watcher's eyes tapestry


watcher's eyes round beach towel

Round Beach Towel

watcher's eyes mug


watcher's eyes iphone case

iPhone Case

watcher's eyes samsung galaxy phone case

Samsung Galaxy Case

Okay, that’s all for tonight. Any feedback from you is much appreciated.